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Quadraspire Quadraspire Philosophy

From the start, Quadraspire has crafted modular furniture systems around a lightweight, rigid design philosophy. The concept is simple – create affordable furniture that looks appealing and heightens the performance of HiFi audio systems.

That was more than 20 years ago, and they’ve been enhancing the audio quality of its customers’ HiFi systems every since. Early on, what they discovered was, in the choice to use aluminum instead of steel and to gently curve the shelves, it created a better platform for sound. This became the difference in being simply a beautiful piece of furniture, to being both beautiful and meaningful.

Quadraspire’s designs have continued to improve through careful selection of materials and improvements in manufacturing techniques. They’ve made the racks stronger and lighter, and expanded solutions. Having popularized bamboo construction and now pioneering the use of phosphor bronze, equates to a racking system that continues to unleash higher and higher levels of performance and musicality.


Quadraspire hifi furnitureQuadraspire History

Early in his law career, Quadraspire’s founder Eddie Spruit knew that sitting behind a desk was not where his passion lay. Instead, it was something completely different – building furniture. It started as a hobby … building decorative pieces for use in his house, then larger pieces. It was his HiFi rack that got the attention of friends, who not only wanted one, but also encouraged him to make for others. It’s a gutsy (and daunting) move to go from a stable job to a dream, with no angel investor. Yet, his sixth sense knew. He built several of the original Q4 racks, and attended various HiFi shows in hopes of catching the eye of retailers. It worked. A well known London HiFi retailer purchased one and he noticed something very unique – the sound quality was better when Spruit’s rack was used versus others. The shop owner contacted Spruit and placed his opening order. Quadraspire was on its way. Today, Quadraspire has its manufacturing facility in the beautiful ancient Roman city of Bath, a daily inspiration for design, development and craftsmanship. Almost 100% of parts are made in house using all CNC machining processes and automated finishing. 

Quadraspire … a pleasure to the eye and delight to the ear.

Quadraspire Technology

Quadraspire Curve

The Quadraspire Curve

The concave curves and chamfered edges of the shelves are far more than just beautiful. They decrease mass and increase strength, and the shape itself reduces an effect we call a standing wave. A shelf producing a standing wave is in a way ‘ringing like a bell’. That ring has a very negative affect on the sound of your HiFi system. You can also see the Quadraspire curve on the columns of Sunoko Vent and X-Reference.

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Brass Tensioner

Quadraspire Brass Tensioners

Inserted between the shelf and column, small brass inserts are used to improve the mechanical bond of the two larger components and improves the dissipation of excess energy (resonance). This insert is used in Sunoko Vent and X-Reference racks to great effect.

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Evo Scrolling

Quadraspire Technology Evo Scrolling

Featured on the bottom surface of the Q4 Evo shelf, this scrolled pattern is cut out using CNC machining, and is not visible from the top. Its main role is to further break up resonances and reduce mass, without decreasing strength and rigidity.

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Non-Ferrous Construction

Quadraspire Non-Ferous

Metals like steel, copper and iron conduct electricity and are magnetic. These metals interact with electronic components like amplifiers, and cause distortion. Some metals, like aluminum and bronze, are less magnetic and conductive. Quadraspire chooses to only work with these materials because they are less interactive with electronics. In turn, distortion is minimized and sound quality is improved.

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Phosphor Bronze

Quadraspire Technology Phosphor Bronzing

Through extensive qualitative testing, Quadraspire has determined that the use of bronze for critical mating points (like spikes) has a very positive impact on sound quality. It’s a given that all materials resonate and transfer energy differently, but some work together better than others. The combination of aluminum and bronze seems to have particular synergy. Bronze is many times denser (and costlier) than aluminum, and acts as a better energy sink, drawing resonances away from the materials they it mated to. Specifically, phosphor bronze has been chosen because it can be used uncoated, which make the benefits even more apparent. The resulting sound in clearer and more coherent, without a brightening of sound that is usually associated with such improvement.

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Quadraspire Technology Carbon Neutral Bamboo

Seen extensively in X-Reference, and optional in Q4 Evo and Sunoko Vent racks and wall brackets, bamboo is truly revolutionary material for both its sonic quality and its eco-friendliness. Quadraspire uses a 5-ply solid bamboo stock, of which each ply is laminated at 90 degrees offset from the last. The laminated ply is then kiln-dried to achieve its final color and stabilize it against warping. This arrangement is supremely strong and rigid, and non-resonant because of the fibrous nature of bamboo. In comparison, bamboo is lower in noise, higher in focus and offers sharper transient response than its MDF brethren.

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